Patty's industrial hygiene / Patty's industrial hygiene and toxicology ed. by Robert L. Harris - 5th ed. - New York : John Wiley & Sons, 2000 - 4 vol. (3453 p.) : ill. - A Wiley-Interscience publication .

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Vol. 1: Part1: Introduction to industrial hygiene and Part 2: Recognition and evaluation of chemical agents. - Vol. 2: Part. 3: Physical agents, Part. 4: Biohazards and Part. 5: Engineering control and personal protection. - Vol. 3: Part. 6: Law, regulation, and management. - Vol. 4: Part. 7: Speciality areas and allied professions Vol. 1: [Contents] I. Introduction to industrial hygiene. 1. Industrial hygiene: retrospect and prospect. 2. Rationale for industrial hygiene practice. II. Recognition and evaluation of chemical agents. 3. The mode of absorption, distribution and elimination of toxic materials. 4. The pulmonary effects of inhaled mineral dust. 5. Man-made mineral fibers. 6. Occupational dermatoses. 7. Theory and rationale of exposure measurement. 8. Workplace sampling and analysis. 9. Assessment of exposure to pneumoconiosis-producing mineral dusts. 10. Basic aerosol science. 11. Computed tomography in industrial hygiene. 12. Potential endocrine disruptors in the workplace. 13. Atypical human responses to low-level environmental contaminants: the problem of multiple chemical sensitivities. 14. Analytical methods. 15. Calibration. 16. Quality control. 17. Odors: measurement and control. 18. Interpreting levels of exposures to chemical agents Vol. 2: [Contents] III. Physical agents. 19. Industrial noise and conservation of hearing. 20. Nonionizing radiation. 21. Ionizing radiation. 22. Heat stress. 23. Physiological effects of altered barometric pressure. 24. Lighting for seeing and health. 25. Safety and health effects of video display terminals. IV. Biohazards. 26. Biohazards and occupational disease. 27. Control of biohazards. V. Engineering control and personal protection. 28. Potential exposures in the manufacturing industry - Their recognition and control. 29. Philosophy and management of engineering control. 30. Industrial hygiene engineering control. 31. The emission inventory and dilution ventilation. 32. Respiratory protective equipment. 33. Asbestos management in buildings Vol. 3: [Contents] IV. Law, regulation, and management. 34. Job safety and health law. 35. Compliance and projection. 36. Industrial hygienist's liability under law. 37. Litigation in industrial hygiene practice. 38. Odor: a legal overview. 39. Hazard communication and worker right to know programs. 40. Pharmacokinetics and unusual work schedules. 41. The history and biological basis of occupational exposure limits for chemical agents. 42. Biological monitoring of exposure to industrial chemicals. 43. Cost-effectiveness of a multidisciplinary approach to loss control and prevention programs. 44. Industrial hygiene surveys, records and reports. 45. Data automation. 46. Risk analysis for the workplace. 47. Health surveillance programs in industry. 48. Health promotion in the workplace. 49. Occupational health and safety management systems. 50. Business analysis for health and safety professionals. 51. Industrial hygiene education, training, and information exchange Vol. 4: [Contents] VII. Speciality areas and allied professions. 52. Statistical design and data analysis. 53. Occupational health nursing. 54. Ergonomics. 55. Occupational safety. 56. Explosion hazards of combustible gases, vapors, and dusts. 57. Environmental control in the workplace: water, food, wastes, and rodents. 58. Air pollution. 59. Air pollution controls. 60. Agricultural hygiene. 61. Hazardous wastes. 62. Industrial hygiene aspects of hazardous materials, emergencies and cleanup operations. 63. Health and safety factors in designing an industrial hygiene laboratory. 64. Occupational epidemiology: some guideposts. 65. Indoor air quality in nonindustrial occupational environments. 66. Role of the industrial hygiene consultant. 67. Industrial hygiene abroad: occupational hygiene

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