Flood, Colleen M.

Access to care, access to justice : the legal debate over private health insurance in Canada / [publication] : / ed. by Colleen M. Flood, Kent Roach, and Lorne Sossin - Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2005, Cop. 2005 - XXXVIII, 611 p. ; 23 cm

Exploring the role that courts may play in health care, this collection examines how this role is of crucial importance to the Canadian public and its governments. It also examines how the future of Canadian health care is likely to be determined both in the courts and in the legislatures, and scrutinizes how these changes affect Canadians. [Ed.] The catalyst for this book was a Supreme Court decision on whether banning private health insurance for services covered by the public system violated the Constitution. On June 9, 2005, the Supreme Court of Canada released its judgment in "Jacques Chaoulli and George Zeliotis versus the Attorney Generals of Quebec and Canada". Dr Chaoulli, a doctor who wanted to offer private health services, and Mr. Zeliotis, a patient who had been on a waiting list in the Quebec health system, argued that that Quebec's prohibition of private health insurance for services dovered by the public system violated both the Canadian and Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms. [Introduction (extr.), p. IX]

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