Global status report on noncommunicable diseases 2010 [publication] / / World Health Organization - [Genève] : World Health Organization, 2011 - 162 p. : ill. ; 30 cm

[Contents] Summary ˆ 1. Burden: mortality,morbidity abs risk factors ˆ 2. NCDs and development ˆ 3. Monitoring NCDs and their irsk factors : a framework for surveillance ˆ 4. Reducing risks and preventing disease: population- wide interventions ˆ 5. Improving health care:individual interventions ˆ 6.Tackling NCDs: the capacity of countries to respond ˆ 7. The way forward: taking action based on evidence and lessons learnt Annexes : 1. Methods used for country estimates in Chapter 1 and Annexe 4 - 2. List of countriesby WHO Regions and 2008 World Bank Income Groups - 3. Maps showing the global distribution of estimated NCD-related mortality and selected risk factors. 4. Country estimates of NCD mortality and selected risk factors, 2008 : . NCD mortality: 2008 comparable estimates of NCD mortality (total NCD Deàths in 000. % of NCD Deaths occuring under the age of 70; and age-standardized death rate for NCDs per 100 000 . Tobacco: 2008 comparable estimates ofprevalence of current daily tobacco smoking and current daily cigarette smoking . Physical inactivity: 2008 comparable estimates of prevalence of insuffcient physical activity . Alcohol: 2008 comparable projected estimates of adult per capita consumption in litres of pure alcohol . . Raised blood pressure: 2008 comparable estimates ofprevalence of raised blood pressure . Raised blood glucose: 2008 comparable estimates of prevalence of raised blood glucose . Overweight and obesity: 2008 comparable estimates of prevalence of overweight and obesity . Raised total cholesterol: 2008 comparable estimates of prevalence of raised total cholesterol 5. Core indicators for consideration as part of the framework for NCD surveillance - 6. Recommended approaches to implementing effective and sustainable multisectoral action on health

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