Fliedner, Theodor M.

Medical management of radiation accidents : manual on the acute radiation syndrome / [publication] : / ed. T.M. Fliedner, I. Friesecke, K. Beyrer - London : The British Institute of Radiology, 2001 - XI, 66 p. : ill. ; 30 cm + 1 compendium (21 p.)

This manual is the result of a concerted action called METREPOL (Medical Treatment Protocols for Radiation Accident Vicitms as a Basis for Computerized Guidance System), which was supported by the European Commission. It presents a new strategic approach for the diagnosis of the acute radiation syndrome (ARS), the response category (RC) concept. It focuses on the integrative quantification of the impairment of the organism by ionizing radiation and does not rely at all on physical or biological estimates of the radiation dose. In addition to the RC concept, this manual provides a description of the scientific and pathophysiological background as well as the clinical manifestations of the ARS. Furthermore, the principles for the diagnosis and therapy of ARS patients are given.