Wix, Stuart

Multidisciplinary working in forensic mental health care [publication] / / ed. by Stuart Wix, Martin S. Humphreys ; foreword by Herschel Prins - Edinburgh : Elsevier Churchill-Livingstone, 2005 - XIII, 224 p. ; 25 cm

This book provides a practical guide to the establishment of effective multidisciplinary working methods in the care of mentally disordered offenders and others. It examines the theoretical basis of multidisciplinary working in a mental health context, provides a practical guide to establishing multidisciplinary working, considers training needs, team building, risk assessment, and gives an overview of research in the field [Ed.]. [Contents] 1. The historical context. 2. Theoretical foundation. 3. The multidisciplinary team and clinical team meetings. 4. Specific joint working I : the role of the manager ; the place of a legal representative or advocate working for their client. 5. Specific joint working II: the ideal and reality of multidisciplinary working in prisons. 6. Specific joint working III: a forensic mental health liaison scheme ; multidisciplinary working in a specialist bail and probation hostel ; multidisciplinary statutory follow-up of conditionally discharged patients. 7. Multidisciplinary aspects of the Care Programme Approach. 8. Risk assessment : a multidisciplinary approach to estimating harmful behaviour in mentally disordered offenders. 9. Treatment planning, medication management and the forensic multidisciplinary team. 10. Team building. 11. Multidisciplinary training and education. 12. Multidisciplinary research.