Second meeting of the CCEE-Baltic States Communicable Disease Network : report on a WHO Regional Meeting : Portoroz, Slovenia, 20-22 June 2002 / [publication] : / [organized by the WHO Regional Office for Europe] - Copenhagen : WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2002 - 25 p. : ill. ; 30 cm

With support from the WHO Regional Office for Europe, the countries of central and eastern Europe (CCEE) and the Baltic states formed : 1) a communicable disease network (CCEE-CDN) that proposed to establish an early warning and response system ; and 2) a surveillance network to help eliminate measles. […] This document is a report on the second meeting of the CCEE-CDN: at this meeting, the participants approved the establishment of the early warning system (after pilot testing), and recommended that all CDN countries actively participate in it and in the exchange of data on measles. They also agreed on their role in contributing to the revision of the WHO International Health Regulations, and adopted mechanisms to manage CDN (Control Disease Network) and targets for its future development, including training components and evaluations standards. [WHO]